Twenty Years of the Summits of the Americas Process

Twenty years ago this month, the Heads of State and Government of the Americas met for the first time in Miami to articulate their shared vision of the future of the region. Since then, six regular and two special summits have been held during which our leaders have considered a wide variety of topics, thus demonstrating that many of the main challenges and issues of importance for the region are cross-cutting and should be addressed collectively. 

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During the last two decades, we have also witnessed changes in the relations among the countries of the region. These transformations, together with their challenges, have also been reflected in the outcomes and focus of the Summits. During these eight Summits, member states have engaged in frank and open dialogue within a framework of full respect and recognition of the heterogeneity of our region.

The Summit process has also paralleled the ongoing consolidation and growth of democracy in the region, and as such  it has fostered the participation of other key stakeholders including, civil society organizations, indigenous peoples, afrodescendants, parliamentarians, workers,  the private sector, and youth, among others, so that they can contribute their ideas and inputs to the preparatory and follow-up processes. In addition, the Summits have served to strengthen the “architecture” of the inter-American system through the establishment of ministerial processes and hemispheric conventions, including mechanisms for their follow-up and implementation.

In this virtual discussion of the twenty years of the Summits process, we aim to foster a dialogue that will consider some of the main accomplishments of the Summits, the overall significance of these high-level, multilateral events, and that will also reflect on some of the lessons learned about hemispheric summitry during the last two decades. We also encourage participants to share their own personal experiences of the Summits of the Americas, whether as direct participants in the Summits themselves, including the preparatory and follow-up phases of the process, or their overall perceptions of the Summits process.

The Summits of the Americas Secretariat will produce a summary of the outcomes of this forum to share with member states and the other interested parties. #Summits20

JOIN THE CONVERSATION | December 3-18, 2014