About the Summits Virtual Community

About the Summits Virtual CommunityThe Summits Virtual Community (SVC) is an online platform that provides a space for inclusive dialogue and facilitates the participation of individuals from different geographical regions through forums and discussion groups.

By bringing together the diverse group of actors involved in the Summits of the Americas Process in this platform, the SVC seeks to strengthen the culture of democratic engagement in the region and facilitates the development of a hemispheric agenda that represents the common challenges and interests of the peoples of the Americas.

To learn how governments, institutions and social actors follow-up on the implementation of Summits mandates and what level of progress has been achieved or if you would like to share what is being done in your country or organization to address some of the challenges in the region, the SVC is a great place to start.

The SVC invites you to participate in forums and discussion groups that are held periodically as part of its efforts to maintain active and ongoing collaboration with people throughout the Americas. The results of these activities are made available to Summit stakeholders including governments, international institutions and social actors.

Participation in the SVC allows users:

  • the opportunity to influence decision-makers in the Summits Process;
  • to collaborate with peers on new ideas and projects;
  • to share best practices and network with individuals and organizations;
  • to raise awareness and offer recommendations to challenges faced in the region.