Virtual Forum for the Establishment of Coalitions


Welcome to the Virtual Forum for the Establishment of Coalitions for the VIII Summit of the Americas. The participation of civil society and social actors in the preparatory process for the VIII Summit of the Americas will follow a work methodology based on thematic, self-managed coalitions.

For the purposes of the Summit, “thematic coalition” is to be understood as a group of at least 10 organizations and/or social actors with shared positions on at least one of the three sub-themes of the Summit.

The purpose of this forum is to provide civil society and social actors with a meeting and discussion space, whereby organizations or actors can create coalitions or join one of the existing preliminary coalitions.

Proposals for coalitions must be received by November 20, 2017 at the following email: The proposals must include the following data:

•    The list of organizations and/or social actors included in the coalition (please include contact information for each organization or actor).

•    The name of the organization or social actor serving as coordinator for the coalition.

•    The contact information for the coordinator of each coalition.

Between November 20 and December 5, 2017, the Summit organizers will work with the coordinators of the preliminary coalitions to form alliances. After December 5, 2017, date at which the list of the 15 official coalitions will be published, organizations or actors who do not belong to a coalition will be able to reach out to coalition coordinators to determine the possibility of joining one of said coalitions.