National Hubs: Anticorruption

National Hubs: Fighting Corruption

Mindful of work already being done by civil society and by networks comprising these and a variety of social actors, national hubs do not seek to duplicate what that segment has been doing based on its specific agendas. To the contrary, opportunity will be provided for integrated and coordinated promotion of self-managed national spaces (hubs) to help share and strengthen the sector’s capability for effective participation, monitoring, and advocacy through the Lima Commitment monitoring and implementation process.

Objectives of the national hubs

  • To spotlight the work of civil society and social actors in preventing and fighting corruption, pursuant to the Lima Commitment mandates.
  • Strengthening the capacities and facilitate the exchange of best practices among civil society and social actors, who are members of the national hubs, for their active participation, monitoring and advocacy regarding the Lima Commitment.

National Hubs: