Debate 2: Game Changers of the Americas: Making Money & Making a Difference

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Debate 2: Game Changers of the Americas: Making Money & Making a Difference

A Game Changer is a person or event that changes the environment around them and in so doing, has the potential to change the course of history. Game changers can be found in social, corporate or political environments. They can be politicians, presidents, CEO’s or strategists. They are visionaries and leaders who have the potential to change the way we think and act.

Some questions to think about:

  • Name a game changer that you admire, and tell us why?
  • What does it take to be a game changer?
    1. money
    2. political power
    3. democracy/ democratic environment
    4. personal character
    5. all of the above
    6. none of the above
    7. other ---------------
  • Does age matter in becoming a game changer?
  • Does money influence power?
  • Are governments responsible for creating environments that produce game changers?
  • Are game changers born, or made?

Comments & Questions

Valerie Lorena YABT
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To all participants of the Virtual Forum towards the OAS Youth Conference of the Americas 2013,

Welcome and thank you for joining!

We are thrilled to have again the opportunity and present this participation platform to young entrepreneurs in the Americas. A continuous effort to keep an open communication channel for young people to share their innovative ideas and contributions, success stories, concrete actions and recommendations that will positively impact the results and outputs of the 2013 OAS Youth Conference.   

How about we start with this question?

  1. What actions can we encourage for young entrepreneurs to startup sustainable businesses?

straight talker
We need to give the youth the

We need to give the youth the ability to be creative. In many societies, our school system is so overwhelming for our youths, that it creates a system whereby our youths are unable to spend time just reading about anything other than what is on their school curriculum.  They do not have the ability to play  and dream .  From an early age, their mind is steered in a particular direction  and the freedom to think beyond,which is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur is lost.

Also in some societies an entreprenuer is not considered an occupation to be encouraged, something to aspire to, jobs such as lawyers and doctors etc. are highlighted in this realm and as such the powers to be promote academic achievements over innovations .

In these type of societies, an innovator, an entrepreneur their ideas would be lost.  Lets introduce the idea of being an entrepreneur from an early age.

And to add to what the other participants were saying.  A game changer that is passionate yet ethical in his behaviour would be a great example for other youths to follow.

The respective countries must set up the necessary statistical departments needed by the young entrepreneur, to make market research accurate and accessible.  Also knowledge of how to access funding.   Access to key players who can help the entrepreneur screen their ideas to determine whether they are valid opportunities and guide them through becoming successful entrepreneurs.

When you have an idea you need to know where to go to determine whether this is an opportunity , how to turn  the opportunity into a viable business , how to gain competitive advantage and how to make your competitive advantage sustainable.  



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For me a game change need a

For me a game change need a pasion and a vision to be a agent of change. To this notable figures like Presidents; Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Desmond Hoyte comes to mind. From a youth prospective you have people like Alex Foster from Guyana

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Start up Sustainable Business

I will first encourage an aspiring young entrepreneur to equip themselves with knowledge of the business environment - industry - they are getting into so the can adequately cater for the opportunities and challenges. Additional expose themselves to as much entrepreneurial training as possible.

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Plus a pinch of leadership!

Hi Bevon!  Greetings from Canada.

I absolutely agree that being a change maker requires passion and vision!  I also agree that entrepreneurship is a really important tool for creating meaningful, sustainable change in the Americas.  One more element that I would add to the essential qualifications of a change maker is leadership.

Vision and passion are extremely important.  We need vision to assess a situation, to identify injustices or inefficiencies, and to identify a path towards better outcomes for all sorts of diverse stakeholders.  We need passion to care enough about the issue or solution at hand to be willing to carefully craft solutions in a way that respects diversity.  But once those elements are in place, we need strong, strategic leadership to put out bright ideas into action.

Entrepreneurship – be it through business or social innovation or both – is incredibly powerful, and it becomes even more powerful when we can provide concrete evidence of its value, and replicate successful models.  I have a small business that is committed to a triple bottom line.  My strength as a change maker is massively increased when I can then lead other entrepreneurs to similarly pursue a triple bottom line in their businesses.  Leadership enables people like you and me to translate our passion and vision into action.

What do you think?  Would you agree?

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